Anthony Joshua ‘AJ’

Anthony Joshua’s nickname is simply his initials AJ which is kind of generic. When you are the boxing world heavyweight champion you really should have a nickname that strikes fear into an opponent.

In this video Joshua does discuss being a big Conor McGregor fan and that he likes the nickname ‘The Notorious’ and wishes he took it first.


Conor McGregor ‘The Notorious’

Conor McGregor is known by his nickname, “The Notorious” which perfectly describes his trash talking skills, showmanship and his unique and powerful fighting style.

At one stage McGregor was considering switching his nickname to “The Celtic Tiger”, inspired because tigers fascinate him with the way they move and he thinks they are courageous animals. The Irish superstar even got a tiger tattooed on his abdomen.

Early January 2017 McGregor filed for trademarks on his name and nickname “The Notorious” with the intention of using the trademarks for business purposes to promote products such as aftershave, video games, clothing, books, restaurants, barbershops and health clubs.