Steven Adams ‘Kiwi Phenom’

NBA Steven Adams Kiwi Phenom

Steven Adams is a 7-foot New Zealander who was the 12th draft pick in 2013, and the current starting center for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Many were shocked when the Thunder signed Steven Adams to a 4 year / $100,000,000 contract extension in 2016. But the ‘Kiwi Phenom’ has been living up to his contract and has proven his value as one of the most consistent and reliable centers in the NBA. Adams gives his full effort every night he plays, is a great offensive rebounder, a solid defence anchor, good on the PnR, and sets good screens.

Adams’ most often used nickname is ‘Kiwi Phenom’, but from time to time you will hear fans call him ‘Aquaman’, this is because of a slight resemblance to Jason Momoa in the DC Comics movie.