Sweatbands and wristbands for tennis players

Whether you’re a casual tennis player or a competitive tennis player, sweatbands can be an important accessory. Sweatbands are often a high performing part of a tennis player’s apparel. They are super absorbent, stylish, and a well-designed sweatband will help keep sweat away from your hands while holding your racquet.

Sweatbands are not a required tennis apparel, but many players wear them because they are useful tools to wipe sweat off your forehead to keep it from dripping into your eyes, and keep the sweat from your arms off your hands, improving your vision and grip.

If you perspire excessively then consider double-length wristbands, and also think about carrying a few extra pairs of sweatbands in your tennis bag.

How to wash your wristbands? Sport wristbands can be washed with other clothes in the washing machine with laundry detergent using either cold or warm water. Wristbands typically don’t have a long life span and will eventually start to fluff and deteriorate, however if you want to try extend the lifespan of wristbands then wash them in a mesh net (what women would put their bra in).  

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