Pete Maravich ‘Pistol’

Basketball Hall of Famer Pete Maravich got his nickname ‘Pistol’ in high school because of the unique way he would shoot the ball from the side like he was holding a pistol. The nickname was a perfect match for his gunslinger’s mentality on the court.

Maravich was a showman that would dazzle with his ball handling and dribbling skills. He had a profound influence on many other stars such as Magic Johnson, Steve Nash and Isiah Thomas.

Maravich was one of the original long-range snipers, and known for his ability to knock down shots from distance. Even before the 3-point shot existed, he would often gun long distance shots.

Maravich being the showman also played with the nickname ‘Pistol’ on the back of his jersey rather than his last name.


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