Patty Mills ‘Splash Bandicoot’

Patrick Mills is the first indigenous Australian to win an NBA championship. The NBA point guard is known as Patty Mills, but the nickname ‘Patty’ is just a tad uncreative we believe.

During his first two NBA seasons when he played for the Portland Trailblazers, Mills had the nicknames ‘Patty Cakes’ and ‘Pat Stacks’, but as Mills later explained “Nobody calls me Patty Cakes or Pat Stacks anymore, when someone does, I know they’re from Portland”.

Mills was signed by the San Antonio Spurs in 2012 and had a promising season with them,  but in his second season with the Spurs, Mills saw his court time reduced, playing minimal minutes and spending most of the time sitting on the bench. San Antonio head coach Gregg Popovich would later explain it was because Mills “was a little fat ass”. Popovich even went as far as calling Mills an unflattering nickname ‘Fatty Patty’.

A strongly motivated Mills cut body fat and was in career best shape for the 2013-2014 season, and was an important role player in helping the Spurs win a championship. Spurs fans now affectionately call Mills ‘Splash Bandicoot’.


Let’s have a look at some cool videos of Splash Bandicoot:

Getting up for the dunk in pre-game warm ups


Showing off his incredible speed


3 point shot that is so clean that the net barely moves


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