Ian McCall ‘Uncle Creepy’

Ian McCall dislikes his nickname ‘Uncle Creepy’ and in general thinks nicknames are stupid. In this video McCall explains how the name originated.

Ian ‘Uncle Creepy’ McCall’s marvellously manicured moustache is often a target for his opponents to trash talk, however the creepy one is unperturbed about anyone’s opinion of his facial hair and wears his whiskers proudly.


Rudy Gobert ‘Stifle Tower’

French professional basketball player Rudy Gobert was given the nickname ‘Stifle Tower’ before he even played a NBA game due to his imposing size and length. The NBA Defensive Player of the Year 2018 award winner is 7’2″ tall with a wingspan of 7’9″ and standing reach 9’7″.  Proven himself as one of the best defensive players and rim protectors in the NBA, Gobert’s nickname is an accurate description of his role in the team.


Jan Ullrich ‘The Yoyo’

Jan Ullrich got the nickname ‘The Yoyo’ because of his fluctuating weight throughout his career. Ullrich’s racing weight was typically around 70kg (154lb) however he was infamous for ballooning out to above 80kg during the off-season.

Stefan Struve ‘Skyscraper’

Stefan Struve is the tallest fighter in UFC history standing at 6’11”. Struve usually towers over his opponents and hence the nickname ‘Skyscraper’. With his long limbs, reach advantage and striking skills he has the attributes to be one of the top heavyweights, though he is yet to make a decent run at the title.



Anthony Joshua ‘AJ’

Anthony Joshua’s nickname is simply his initials AJ which is kind of generic. When you are the boxing world heavyweight champion you really should have a nickname that strikes fear into an opponent.

In this video Joshua does discuss being a big Conor McGregor fan and that he likes the nickname ‘The Notorious’ and wishes he took it first.


Conor McGregor ‘The Notorious’

Conor McGregor is known by his nickname, “The Notorious” which perfectly describes his trash talking skills, showmanship and his unique and powerful fighting style.

At one stage McGregor was considering switching his nickname to “The Celtic Tiger”, inspired because tigers fascinate him with the way they move and he thinks they are courageous animals. The Irish superstar even got a tiger tattooed on his abdomen.

Early January 2017 McGregor filed for trademarks on his name and nickname “The Notorious” with the intention of using the trademarks for business purposes to promote products such as aftershave, video games, clothing, books, restaurants, barbershops and health clubs.


Anthony Davis ‘The Brow’

People who have eyebrows that meet in the middle tend to shave or pluck because they are embarrassed of having a unibrow. When NBA star Anthony Davis is asked why he doesn’t get rid of his unibrow he explains that it makes him different and unique. Davis even went as far as to trademark the terms “Fear the Brow” and “Raise the Brow” when he was in college to ensure others don’t try to make money off his likeness as he was aware that someone might try to grow a unibrow because of him and then try to make money from it.



Vince Carter ‘Vinsanity’, ‘Half Man, Half Amazing’

Vince Carter entered the NBA and became the Toronto Raptors first superstar with his scoring prowess and extraordinary dunking ability, hence the hype and name Vinsanity. Carter also won the 2000 NBA Slam Dunk Contest in one of the best dunk displays seen at a dunk contest.

Carter’s consistent aerial displays earned him another nickname ‘Half Man, Half Amazing’, and the most iconic dunk of his career came during the 2000 Sydney Olympics where Carter jumped over 7’2” French player Frederic Weis for a posterizing dunk.

Dennis Bergkamp ‘Non-Flying Dutchman’

Dennis Bergkamp, an Arsenal legend and one of the greatest ever players from the Netherlands was nicknamed the ‘Non-Flying Dutchman’ due to his fear of flying. Bergkamp does discuss in his autobiography that his phobia developed from an plane incident after the 1994 World Cup finals. Bergkamp’s reluctance to fly lead to him having it written in his contract with Arsenal that he would not fly on aeroplanes. This limited his ability to play in away matches, however he is still remembered as one of the most spectacular players to play in the Premier League.

The most magical goal of Bergkamp’s career was against Newcastle in March 2002, Bergkamp received a pass with his back to the goal, spun the ball around Nikos Dabizas with a soft flick and then slotted the ball past goalkeeper Shay Given.

Arsenal placed a statue of Bergkamp outside the Gunners’ Emirates Stadium to commemorate his 11-year Arsenal career.

While winning trophies with Arsenal, the Dutch legend also studied and completed his degree in Mechanical Engineering at The University of Bath.


Kevin Garnett ‘The Big Ticket’

Trent Tucker who worked as a broadcast analyst for Minnesota Timberwolves basketball games called him ‘the Big Ticket’ because Kevin Garnett was the only star player on the Timberwolves team, and for years was the only reason that many fans bought tickets to attend games.

Garnett played in the NBA for 21 years, a career that included 15 All-Star appearances, an MVP award and a championship. Garnett’s salary earnings totalled $326.3 million.

Garnett is now an on-air personality, starring in his own segment called Area 21 on TNT’s Inside the NBA.



Garnett’s decision to enter the NBA draft straight out of high school was mainly due to his failure to reach the minimum score on the ACT to meet NCAA requirements for freshman eligibility.