Alex Gall ‘Trainwreck’

In an interview with Transworld Skateboarding, Gall confirmed that he got his nickname because he got hit by a train when he was a kid.

Going into detail of the accident, Gall recalled:

“Playing around on the tracks, jumping off the trestles of this bridge in Carlsbad. We used to just jump off it when we were kids and shit. I was jumping off of it one day, and I waited too long, we used to wait for the train to go by and jump. The train sucked me back when I jumped. I pretty much just jumped arm-first into the train, it hit my arm and sent me flying into the dirt, and I woke up in the hospital.”

Gall was an amazing skateboarder, however he simply disappeared before he got a chance for his pro career to take off. Gall is best remembered for this clip in TransWorld Skateboarding In Bloom video.

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